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wildlife icon 01The formation of the Isthmus of Panamá in one of the most important events to happen on Earth in the last 60 million years.  This geologic event had an enormous impact on Earth’s climate and its environment. 

The formation of the Isthmus or land bridge connected the two large landmasses of North and South America, allowing Fauna and Flora to migrate between both continents. For example, in North America today, the 9-banded armadillo and the porcupine can trace their ancestry to South America.  Likewise, the ancestors of the South American spectacle bear, jaguar, llamas and raccoons all made it South across the Isthmus of Panamá, making it a hotbed of biodiversity, In Fact, since 1910, scientists of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute have been surveying Panama’s flora and fauna, creating a world-class platform for research in the tropics. 

A system of National Parks and protected areas provide amazing opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Rancho Frio Darien National Park

Birdwatching in Darien

Hiking Campana National Park

Whale Watching Pearl Islands

Metropolitan Nature Park

Soberania National Park

La Ruta de Oro

Wildside Panama Canal

El Valle de Anton

Cebaco Island

Coiba National Park

Trails & Waterfalls of Santa Fe

Birdwatching in Santa Fe

Isla Cañas

Isla Iguana

Whale Watching in Azuero

Birdwatching in Chiriquí

Whale Watching in Chiriqui

Volcan Baru 

Isla Games

A walk in the Cloudforest